BACK 4 BLOOD BETA Twitch Extension Information

The BACK 4 BLOOD Beta Extension allows viewers to see a broadcaster’s currently-active corruption and player cards.

Clicking on a card thumbnail in the extension will display a larger version of the card and description text. When enabled, viewers can vote on which of the player's cards to pick from the draw interface at each campaign checkpoint. The card with the most votes will be automatically be selected in-game.

Back 4 Blood Extension Install Twitch

Step 1: Extension Install And Configuration

Broadcasters can install the BACK 4 BLOOD extension on their Twitch channels and test the extension from there. Here is the link to the testing version on Twitch. (Note that this link will not be valid until the extension is released.)

Click the "Install" button.

Back 4 Blood Extension PIN screen

Once installed, you will need to activate the extension by going to the "My Extensions" list and setting the extension as active. The extension will then move to the Activated column and viewers will be able to see it when you broadcast on Twitch. (Broadcaster Dashboard > Extensions > My Extensions - in case you need to navigate back from the Twitch home page) 

To get game data to the extension, it must be paired using a PIN code. You can find the PIN code on the extension configuration page. Clicking on the gear icon beneath the extension name will launch the extension config page.

Copy the PIN to your clipboard then enter the PIN in-game.

Back 4 Blood Extension Paste PIN

You can find the PIN entry interface in-game under Options > Gameplay at the bottom of the list. 

Paste/Enter your PIN from the extension configuration page into the text field.

Once entered, confirm that you have successfully paired the extension with BACK 4 BLOOD game data. If successfully paired, you will see the option to ‘Deauthenticate’ which would unpair game data. Do not Deauthenticate or the extension will not work. If your attempt was not successful, refresh the extension configuration page to get a fresh PIN and try again.

Back 4 Blood Deauthenticate Visible

Once you’ve got the extension active and have successfully paired with the game client, you should be all set. The extension can now display your card info and conduct votes for card draws.

If you decide that you would rather make your own selection for card draws, you can do so on the extension configuration page on Twitch.

On the extension configuration page, you can find a toggle that enables/disables audience card selection. When this is toggled off, viewers will not be prompted to vote, but they can still see the broadcaster's/your active corruption and player cards.

(Note: Toggle functionality not available for Beta, voting enabled is the default.)

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