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How to Add Game Info in Muxy Gateway

With Muxy Gateway, you can set up and display live in-game information. For a FPS, you may want to show: current loadout, map, and match type. For an RPG, you may want to show: current level, HP, MP, equipment, and character class. What you display here is up to you, so pick what would be most interesting to viewers looking to learn more about your game. The Game Info is displayed in a simple table and is simple to populate.

The Game Info is displayed in a table and is easy to populate.

There are only three elements you need to create for your Game Info tab.

Label: This tells you the type of information. Example: Current Map

Value: This is the information in the table. Example: The Thunderdome

Icon: This is the icon that displays in the table row. It can help viewers visually get the row information.

There are a few restrictions when populating the Game Info tab:

  • Max number of text fields

    • 10 fields

  • Character limit of text labels

    • 32 characters

  • Character limit of text value

    • 64 characters

Game Texts are simple to use, just make an array of them and then call SDK.SetGameTexts

GameText[] Texts =
    new GameText
        Label = "Current Level",
        Value = "Menu",
        Icon  = "" // base64 encoded image

    new GameText
        Label = "Level Difficulty",
        Value = "Easy",
        Icon  = "" // base64 encoded image

void OnLevelLoad(String LevelName)
    Texts[0].Value = LevelName;
    Texts[1].Value = GetLevelDifficulty(LevelName);

void Start()
    // ...

Once that’s done and released, your Game Info will appear in the Muxy Gateway extension!

Don't have Gateway for your game yet? Sign up here.

Check out our Docs for implementing all of Muxy Gateway here: Need some help? Join our Support Discord.

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