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Quick Guide - What You Need to Submit Your Twitch Extension

So you’ve created your game, built a killer extension, and now it’s time to submit it to Twitch. So what exactly do you need to submit? How are you going to attract streamers to install your extension and play your game? You’ll need two things: copy to tell streamers about the extension and some art assets to show them what they’re installing. We’re going to go over both of these to help you submit the best possible extension and increase your chances of extension approval.

The Copy Needs

You’ll need to provide three different segments of copy for your extension. These get streamers informed about your extension and its capabilities. Make it awesome, compelling, and snappy!

Official Extension Name

Requirements: No more than 40 characters, name can’t include the words “extension” or “twitch”.

Where this is displayed: When looking at the Creator Dashboard under Extensions. It’s displayed along with a brief description of your extension. This is also visible in the extension search/browse experience.

When naming your extension, make sure that its purpose is immediately identifiable to a streamer. Is the overlay for a specific game? Make sure to put the name in the title. Does it display specific game elements like cards or leaderboards? Ensure that your name communicates that. Your extension name is one of the first impressions you’re giving to potential users. Keep the name related to your game as well, don’t try to trick search results to rank higher. It’s not going to generate any goodwill.

Short Description

Requirements: No more than 140 characters

Where this is displayed: In the same place as a streamer would first encounter your extension name.

Alongside the extension name, this helps inform Twitch users about exactly what your extension does. Try to summarize the extension functionality as much as possible within character limits.

Extension Details

Requirements: No more than 1,024 characters

Where this is displayed: This is displayed after Twitch users click on your extension to learn more. They can either click on the extension in a list, from search, or in the Featured Extensions list.

This is the detailed version of your summary. Introduce people to your extension, describe its functionality, and add any short instructions or direction the streamer may need. The more specific you are about how the extension works, the more intriguing it can be to a streamer.

Similarly, you’ll want to tell people how to install the extension. I’ve taken to writing out FAQs and linking to the FAQ in the description. In the FAQ, we provide: more detailed extension functionality, information about installing and enabling the extension, and any additional functionality that may not be immediately obvious; an example of this is the Matchmaking for the MultiVersus extension. We also make videos showing step-by-step instructions for extension installation alongside video of the extension in use. The FAQ ensures that people who install your extension are successful in using the extension as well. I’d 100% recommend creating one for your extension.

The Art Needs

These are the visual assets that introduce people to your extension and should give them an idea of what it’s about. You’ll need to provide at least three assets, but you can provide more to give streamers an in-depth view of how your extension functions.


Requirements: 100px by 100px

Where this is displayed: On the Discover extensions page and on your Extension Details page

This is a simple small image. If you are releasing a game-focused extension, this icon should be some type of small iconography from your game or game’s logo. If it is more streamer-focused, this should be an icon for your company (the extension creator) or something that speaks to the type of extension you are releasing. Odds are, the branding for that icon aligns with the branding for the extension being released.

Discovery Image

Requirements: 300px by 200px, don’t use a transparent png

Where this is Displayed: The Discovery Image is displayed on the Extension Discovery page specifically in the Featured extension section

Think of this as the equivalent of a You Tube video thumbnail. You want something eye-catching with very little detail and as little text as possible. I’d recommend using the brand or event wordmark or logo. Overall, this is a small image that you don’t want to be cluttered and do want to catch streamer’s eyes.

Screenshot Images

Requirements: 1024px by 768px

Where this is displayed: on your Extension Details page

This is your best shot to show streamers what your extension can do before they install it. Either use mockups or do live capture of your extension in use to show how it works “in action”. I definitely prefer using live capture of the extension for screenshot images. My suggestion is to feature one piece of functionality per image and focusing on the most compelling extension features. For example, for the Expeditions: Rome extension, we featured the combat map and voting because those were the greatest avenue for chat interactivity. Do leave a small buffer/no text area on the left and right side of your screenshots when you provide more than one screenshot as there will be carousel arrows overlapping the image.

Use some text, but not too much, to describe extension functionality in your image. Keep it simple! If you let people vote on a loadout, just say that! Don’t over describe it. And make it feel compelling to a streamer. You and your audience will be using this!

Some other considerations:

  • Link to terms & conditions, privacy policy, and any other legal forms you may need people to opt into.

  • Link to a support email! Make sure everyone has the best possible chance to use your extension.

  • General Category: pick one that suits your game otherwise it may show up in unrelated results

  • Game Category: if the extension is for a specific game, put that here.

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