Muxy gives you the tools necessary to build Twitch Extensions

Boost your team's productivity and efficiency with Muxy's suite of tools. We developed our SDK to quickly build Twitch Extensions. Now you can use it for your projects!

Muxy is similar to Firebase for Twitch Extensions

Muxy is 3 tools that work harmoniously to quickly build and your Twitch Extensions

Muxy Medkit image

MEDKit, our front-end SDK

The MEDKit is a javaScript SDK designed to quickly make Twitch Extensions that connect with the Muxy REST API and GameLink easy.

muxy cloud image

Muxy Cloud, our auto-scale SaaS

Muxy Cloud is a custom built infrastructure that makes sure your Twitch Extensions work when they are needed most. This is our secret sauce that has been used to power over 40 Twitch Extensions and load tested to 2 million unique simultaneous Twitch viewers.

game link image

GameLink, our plugin for games

GameLink is a plugin that allows games and software to easily include audience interactivity through Twitch Extensions.

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