Muxy Alerts as you know it is gone, but we have been creating something better that earns you more $ while having more fun with your community

GameLink allows your community to directly influence the game you are playing through Twitch Extension, Bits, and channel status. It allows you to potentially earn more $ while having more fun with your community!

Imagine your community donating to spawn enemies to battle you, or using Bits to provide you boosts to beat a level. That level of interactivity has been dreamed about and now Muxy can make it a reality!

Muxy helped Twitch streamers earn 25x more through games and game mods in the tests we have run with game developers. The best part is the communities of our test streamers loved the interactivity!

Muxy took a streamer that made $200 bits in 8 hours on average and through a Muxy enabled game mod the streamer made $6000 in bits revenue in an 8-hour stream!

GameLink Case Study

Adding Muxy to an existing game as a mod increased the fun for viewers which led to more revenue for the streamer.

This single streamer had a 25x lift in their Bits donations by playing the Muxy enabled game built by a modder!

Description Data
Streamers on Twitch 1
Duration: 8 hours
Average Viewer Count: 185
Description Data
Average Twitch Bits Revenue: $200
Bits Transactions w/ Muxy: 8,145
Bits Revenue w/ Muxy: $5,859.91

Muxy needs your help!

We currently have some very large game developers using Muxy to add audience interactivity to their new games for your community to enjoy, but we need your help spreading the word. We are looking to talk with game developers and game modders your like to show them how Muxy can help your stream through their games.

Please fill out this form to learn about opportunities to stream the latest Muxy enabled games and how you can earn $$ and hardware for referring developers to Muxy.