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Muxy Makes Your Content Interactive

Muxy, the SDK for live stream interactivity on Twitch

We simplify everything you need to develop a Twitch Extension. Muxy also provides the tools necessary to add interactivity to your games that are live-streamed by content creators on Twitch.

  • A Twitch Extension SDK that helps you quickly build your vision for audience interactivity
  • Game engine plugins that help you build interactive viewer content into your existing games quickly
  • A powerful backend service that keeps your Twitch Extension running on Twitch at any load

Muxy has powered the viewer interactive experiences on Twitch for...

Muxy is an Epic Mega Grant recipient and has won a Primetime Emmy for our work with Artificial

Attention Game Developers!

Muxy's Twitch Interactivity increases all of the metrics that matter because we make viewing your game more fun!

Twitch streamers play your game longer

Retain streamers longer

Adding audience interactivity has been proven to increase the time that your game is streamed because viewers have fun interacting with your game and their favorite broadcaster.

organically grow your twitch streams

Organically get more streamers

Streamers watch other streamers and learn what resonates with their audience. Having an edge to engage their community in a deeper way helps increase their revenue.

twitch viewers lean into your game streams

Viewers lean into your streams

Viewers get to interact with your game and their favorite streamer. This increases the amount of time watched, reduces churn, and increases your sales.

Game Link by Muxy

Games with audience interactions are streamed longer, convert new players, and have more streamers playing them. When your game is played on Twitch it increases your sales. We simplified the process of adding audience interactivity to your game from months to hours.

We already have features you need, together in one developer tool.


A framework with examples to get your Twitch Extension vision live.

Connect APIs

The easiest way to connect your data sources to Twitch Extensions.

Local Testing

Test your interactive live video app locally on your own machine on Twitch.


Developers earn a cut of income that comes from their Extensions. 

Data Visualization

Provide an accessible way to see patterns in data.

Auto Scale 

Allow you to ensure that everything continues to work no matter your load.

Over 120 million Twitch users have interacted with Twitch Extensions built on Muxy's MEDKit

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