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Get Players
Into Your Game

Creating your Twitch Extension with Muxy Helps Your Game At Launch and Over Its Lifetime

Viewers Can Help or Hinder Streamers

Viewers can light a streamer on fire or save the streamer from near death. This deep interactivity keeps viewers watching and streamers playing over 2x as long.

Expeditons: Rome clip of viewer setting a streamer's unit on fire. The combat mini-map featured many other powerful effects.

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Two-Way Engagement between Streamers and Viewers

With a Muxy-enhanced Twitch Extension, Twitch viewers can directly impact a streamer’s game, influencing the course of the live stream.

Pokémon Twitch Extension that lets viewers see card history, cards played, and live channels and information.

Engage Your Game's Community

Teach viewers about your game, its equipment, and how to play while they’re watching streams of your game with up-to-the-minute game information.

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Send Viewers Directly to Your Game

You can send Twitch viewers to your game by adding a Call to Action, providing loyalty goods, and in-game rewards via your game’s Extension. And with Muxy, you can get direct attribution of those clicks.

MultiVersus marketing Extension; guiding viewers to the game's playtest sign up and fighters. They could also link their accounts for in-game rewards.

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Ranking higher on Twitch will make your game more visible to potential players

Rank Higher
on Twitch

Streamers love Extensions because they create unique, engaging, in-stream moments. Viewers love them because they get to directly engage with their favorite streamers. This dynamic gets more people streaming your game and more viewers watching. 

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Launch and Grow Your Game with Muxy

Boost Game Longevity

Adding a DLC? Add features to the Extension to create excitement and more reasons to stream your game.

 Data &

Get insights on Your game’s campaigns; from what viewers are interested in to who clicked to your game's steam page.

Win Back

Provide incentives for players to return to your game via the Extension like in-game rewards for viewing streams of your game.

Grow Your Community

Get viewers to engage with your game off Twitch via links to your Discord, forums, or social media.


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