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Get more players into your game by building a Twitch extension with Muxy’s platform.

Bring Twitch Audiences into Your Game

Get more players into your game by building a Twitch extension with Muxy’s platform.

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Muxy Indie Developer Program

Now any indie developer can build on the Muxy platform and receive the same tools and tech as our AAA partners, for free.*


Muxy Gateway

Make your game “Twitch Friendly” in an Afternoon

Gateway is the fastest way to add Twitch interactivity to your game. Developers choose which game mechanics they want viewers to influence or play with. These gameplay-impacting actions are presented to stream viewers via our premade extension overlay.

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Unlock the power of live streaming

Organic Marketing

Increase viewership, hours watched on Twitch, streamers playing, and more with a Muxy Twitch extension.

More Players

With greater viewer engagement comes greater viewer to player conversion.

Smart Analytics

Muxy gives you insight into everything from click rate, viewer interactions, and other engagement data.


Development Made Easy

Muxy is the all-in-one platform for seamlessly integrating live audience interactivity into your game.

Easy Game Integration
Scalable Backend
Code Samples & Libraries
Step 1
Integrate with Your Game Code

Integrate your code to Muxy’s SDK to start creating in-game interactions now. Build your extension faster with our recipes.

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Step 2
Build your Extension Interface

Make your game’s functionality accessible to viewers. Leverage our free TypeScript library here.

Step 3
Release to Streamers

Publish your extension on Twitch and watch your game be broadcast to more viewers for longer. Chart higher on Twitch.

Built with Muxy

Try out real live extensions built with our tech.


Muxy Gateway

Even someone like myself with a massive passion for the roleplaying genre must admit that watching someone else play them can be a really damn dry experience, but Tribune completely solves that problem by letting the viewers give direct input on the streamer's roleplaying choices, and letting them mess with the combat to add a much-appreciated layer of absolute mayhem to the mix. It's been so satisfying to see it all come together. Tribune honestly transforms the streaming experience in a way that exceeds our most optimistic expectations.

Jonas Wæver 

Creative Director  |  Logic Artists

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