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Back 4 Blood Extension: December Patch is Now Compatible with GamePass!

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

You’ve been waiting and now it’s live: the Back 4 Blood Twitch extension is now compatible with GamePass. Check out our PvE stream features for free with your GamePass membership. Stream it now on Xbox Series X|S ● Xbox One ● Windows 10 PCs.

What’s New:

Nameplating Over a Ridden - your viewers can name a Ridden and have their Twitch Channel Name appear over it in gameplay. Shout them out and knock ‘em down!

Enhanced Translations- we’ve identified and added in more translations to allow your stream to be viewed in multiple regions.

Want to learn more?

Watch our Features Video:

Existing Features:

Name a Ridden: Viewers can use Bits to name a Ridden after their Twitch Channel Name which will display in your Kill Feed

Vote on Cards: Allow your viewers to vote on what card you choose to add to your deck. Viewers can select cards to help or grief your gameplay.

View Active and Corruption Cards: Viewers can see what cards you currently have in your deck for your campaign.

Get Card Notifications: Viewers will get notifications when cards are picked up or played

View Campaign Details: Viewers can see your campaign map and difficulty

Card Translations: all cards are automatically translated into the viewer’s detected region

View the original Back 4 Blood extension blog post with installation directions here

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Jan 28, 2023

is this useable for PlayStation 5?? just asking because I love playing this game on my PlayStation and would love to stream it with this.


Loved your 20-second video and want to ask you what software you used for screen recording and editing. Is there a list of programs from this site that you used? And you edited with Sony Vegas PRO, I take it?

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