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The MultiVersus Twitch Extension: What's in it, Getting Started, and How to do Matchmaking

Updated: Aug 25, 2022


MultiVersus, the free-to-play crossover fighting game by WB and Player First games, is now available in Early Access Open Beta! The Open Beta will be available to all on July 26th and you can play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows. If you aren’t tired of that long list yet, we have some news: the extension for MultiVersus will also be available on all these platforms. This is our FIRST extension available for streamers on all platforms. Get the extension here. Get MultiVersus here.

What’s in the Extension?

The Twitch extension allows your viewers to:

  • Have your viewers join you in a match of Multiversus

  • See who is currently playing, what type of match, and the current map

  • See player stats (overall: level, xp, gold; lifetime: ringouts, damage, matches, sets; rank: solos, solo win rate, team, team win rate)

  • Information and Links to get the game

For Streamers


1. Get the Extension on Twitch

  • Navigate to your Creator Dashboard on Twitch by clicking your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner and clicking ‘Creator Dashboard’. Or just go here.

  • Click ‘Extensions’ on the left side of the window. Use the search box to look up ‘MultiVersus’.

  • Find the correct extension, with the MultiVersus icon, and click ‘Install’.

  • Get your Custom PIN

2. Get your Custom PIN

Option 1:

  • Navigate to your Creator Dashboard and click ‘Extensions’ on the left side bar. Navigate to ‘My Extensions’ at the top of your window and you will find all the extensions you have installed and activated.

  • Find the MultiVersus extension under the ‘Installed’ column and click the cog wheel in the lower right-hand corner. A new window will come up and show you the configuration options for the extension.

  • At the top of the configuration, you will see a number of asterisks, this is your custom PIN (do not show it uncovered on your stream). Use the copy button just to the right of the PIN to copy it. Start up MultiVersus if it is not already running.

Option 2:

  • Open MultiVersus

  • Go to the Settings menu

  • FInd the Muxy GameLink tab

  • Click the Configure button which will open up a window to the Configuration page

  • Copy your custom Configuration PIN which will appear as a series of asterisks

3. Link the Extension and the Game

  • Open Multiversus

  • Go to the Settings menu

  • Find the Muxy GameLink tab

  • Enter your PIN in the “Enter PIN” field

  • Click to Authenticate. When it’s authenticate, you’ll receive a confirmation

4. Set the Extension as your Overlay

  • Go to your Creator Dashboard on Twitch and navigate to the Extensions menu. Click ‘My Extensions’ and find the MultiVersus extension.

  • Click ‘Activate’ and select ‘Set as Overlay 1’. You may be asked to replace an extension in Overlay 1 if you already have one activated there. Click ‘Replace’ to activate the MultiVersus extension instead and then click ‘Done’. The extension will only appear on your stream when your stream is set to the Multiversus category.

Matchmaking / Streamer Queue for Twitch Streamers

1. Create a Custom Lobby

  1. Launch MultiVersus and create a Custom Game

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Go to the Muxy GameLink tab and click on the “Configure” button

  4. On the Configuration page, click “Create Lobby”

Clicking this button will create a custom lobby that your viewers can join via the extension. The Create Lobby button should now display “Leave Lobby”. When you click “Leave Lobby” everyone will be booted from the Lobby.

2. Invite players in your lobby queue to join the game

Viewers who have joined your lobby queue will appear on the Twitch Configuration page. Click the “Invite” button to Invite them to your match. The viewer will receive an invitation to join the match in their game.

Viewers can only join your match if they have their Twitch ID shared, their WB Games account linked to Twitch, and the MultiVersus game installed and launched on Twitch

Viewers can join the Streamer Queue through the MultiVersus Extension to queue up to join your games.

3. Return to the game and start your match!

When you return to the game, you’ll see the Invited viewers who have joined your match.

Playing Continuous Matches

After you’ve completed your 1v1, 2v2, or FFA match with viewers, you have a few options:

  1. Play again for a Best of Three Matches set

  2. Remove the current viewers and add new viewers to your custom lobby

  3. Close the custom lobby and close the viewer queue

When you add viewers to a match from the Twitch configuration page, they will remain in your custom game lobby until they leave or you remove them. If you want to change who you are fighting against, you can do so by removing the current viewer from your lobby, then inviting a new viewer from your Twitch configuration page. While you are playing against viewers, you should keep the custom lobby open to invite and play against them. If you are done playing against viewers, you can close the lobby in your Twitch configuration page which will boot all viewers from the queue. You can keep your custom lobby open and play against friends or other contacts in MultiVersus after the Twitch configuration lobby is closed.

For Viewers

Matchmaking - Viewers

1. Go to the VS tab in the extension dock

2. Share your TwitchID

3. Link your WB Games account

You need to have a WB Games account to join a match. Clicking the Link WB account will open a window open to your WB account (sign in if needed).

4. Go to the Connections tab and click to Connect to Twitch

A pop-up will appear asking you to Authorize the connection, click it

5. Check your WB Games Link

6. Launch MultiVersus

You receive the invitation to join a match in-game and need to have the game launched to receive your invite

7. Go back to Twitch and click the “I’m Ready to Play” button

Clicking this adds you to the streamer’s Custom Lobby queue. They can see your WB account name and Twitch username to let you know if they’re inviting you.

8. Receive the invite and click it to join the match!

Twitch Drops

1.Create or Sign-In to a free WB Games Account to connect and link your Twitch account.

2. Watch any Twitch streamer play MultiVersus with drops enabled for 60 minutes to earn Early Access to the Open Beta! Available July 19 at 9 AM PT to July 26 at 9 AM PT.

3. Check on your progress as you watch, and then claim your reward!

4. Claim your Early Access to the Open Beta for the platform of your choice in your WB Games Account! (Available July 19)

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