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Muxy’s New Product is called: “Gateway” and it’s going to change the Twitch Extension landscape

Muxy has taken their learnings from previous activations to create an out-of-the-box Twitch extension for game developers and their like to use. The Gateway extension lets viewers manipulate gameplay, see live stats, vote on key game decisions, and more. Muxy provides the full extension frontend, backend infrastructure, and a complete system to integrate Twitch Bits. Creating a captivating Twitch streaming experience for streamers and audiences alike has never been easier.

Gateway will be the fastest way to create a “Twitch friendly” game. Developers drop the Muxy Gateway SDK into their Unity, Unreal, or C++ game and choose which game mechanics they want viewers to influence or play with. These gameplay-impacting actions are presented to stream viewers via our premade extension overlay. You don’t even need to worry about reliability or breaking, Muxy has built infrastructure to handle Twitch’s unique and intense traffic spikes. With Gateway, Muxy seeks to make the Game Developer experience as quick and painless as possible.

“Gateway is the simplest way for a game developer to use our enterprise-class audience interactivity platform to experience the benefits of making a streamer focused game. We’ve seen so many games that could benefit from viewer interactivity but the bar to develop and deliver that experience (Twitch Extension) wasn’t a skill many game developers have. Gateway changes that and for the first time puts the development requirement in terms that game developers understand.” - Jared Steffes; CRO

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