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The Boxing Manager 2 - Ring Master Twitch Extension: What’s in it? How to Install, Pair, & Best Use

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Introduction: What is the Boxing Manager 2 - RingMaster Twitch Extension

World Champion Boxing Manager 2 puts the boxing world at your fingertips in this deeply detailed and outrageously entertaining sports management simulation. Enlist competitive fighters, recruit top-notch staff, and ride the hype train all the way to endorsement city!

With the extension, your viewers can get in on the action!

Viewers can…

  • Vote on Trinkets that provide random buffs for your fighter

  • Vote for random events during training and management sequences

  • Control the opponents' tactics to keep fights spicy

  • Chat can also spend channel points to play as the opponent in a match, renaming the opponent with your Twitch name and letting them guide fight decisions like tactics and items.

You can get the extension here.

Boxing Manager 2- Ring Master Extension Features

The WCBM2 Twitch extension has three different types of polls that are available. They are only available during career-mode, not story mode.

Vote on Trinkets for your Boxer

Let your viewers vote on a trinket to give your boxer buffs in their next match! Viewers can vote in the first half of a month for a trinket that can be utilized by your boxer. This occurs near game time and the winning trinket of the vote gets dropped into your inventory in-game. Viewers will get to select from a randomized set of trinkets that can be used once by the streamer. Duplicate trinkets can occur; trinkets not part of a poll can be used five times).

Vote on Random Events

For better or worse, your viewers can vote on random events the second half of the month. Chat can decide if you get a boost, or will your boxing gym have some tough times? Will your boxers have a late night from partying too hard dropping their overall energy? Or will they get a great night’s rest and see decreased energy loss during a match? Now, chat can decide.

Vote on Opponent Tactics & Items

Usually, your opponent will be controlled by AI, but this voting mode allows chat to make all the calls. Viewers get to vote on both the tactics and the items your opponent uses between rounds.

Viewers get to decide if they’re going to play neutral or take risks determining what your opponent will be throwing at you. At the same time, they’ll be selecting an item to buff your opponent for the next round. Health and stamina boosts are overall or temporary and some items (ice pack and swab) have a three-round cooldown. Be sure to communicate that cool down to your chat!

Use Channel Points to Play as Opponent

The overall opponent vote lets the audience control your opponent together, but if someone in chat wants to play against you solo, they can use Channel Points. When a viewer uses Channel Points, they become the sole decision maker for your opponent. Other viewers can vote to sway your chat opponent, but their vote will not be counted. Not only will this Chat Opponent be the sole decision maker, but their Twitch name will also be your Opponents name.

How to Install the Extension

You can go to this link here to install the extension.

If you’re navigating from Twitch:

  1. Navigate to your Creator Dashboard on Twitch by clicking your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner and clicking ‘Creator Dashboard’.

  2. Click ‘Extensions’ on the left side of the window. Use the search box to look up ‘Boxing Manager 2 - Ring Master’.

  3. Find the correct extension, with the WCGM2 icon, and click ‘Install’ or ‘Add’.

How to Pair the Extension

How to Pair the Game with the Extension

How to Grant Permissions

For Boxing Manager 2 - Ring Master to work correctly and show all the features available, you’ll need to authenticate the extension with the game using a PIN. This is a straightforward process and should only take a couple of minutes!

  1. Navigate to your Creator Dashboard and click ‘Extensions’ on the left side bar. Navigate to ‘My Extensions’ at the top of your window and you will find all the extensions you have installed and activated.

  2. Find the Boxing Manager 2 - Ring Master extension under the ‘Installed’ column and click the cog wheel in the lower right-hand corner. A new window will come up and show you the configuration options for the extension.

  3. Copy your unique 6-character Configuration PIN. If you have issues with your PIN, click Reset PIN to get a new code.

  4. Open up WCBM2 and go to the Muxy GameLink tab under Options.

  5. Enter the code in the Authentication field and click Authenticate. When it’s authenticated, you’ll receive confirmation.

  6. A webpage will load up asking for you to share your Twitch ID with the game. This is required to use the channel points “Play as Opponent” feature. Once that is linked you will be back in the GameLink Twitch Settings page.

  7. Enter the Code on the right-side of the Options menu into the field in the URL you opened and click Activate.

  8. This will bring you to a new screen where you are asked to Authorize. Click to Authorize and you should be all set.

  9. Turn on all the features in the Twitch Settings mode and start Career Mode to allow viewers to participate in the fun!

Just make sure Boxing Manager 2 - Ring Master is set as your overlay before you stream.

Extension Issues

If your viewers aren’t seeing votes, you may be in Story Mode, you may not have the Boxing Manager 2 Extension activated, or not have successfully paired the extension and should reset your PIN in the Twitch Extension config and try to pair again.

Remember - the Twitch interactivity only works in Career Mode.

How to Configure the Extension Features

The Twitch Extension settings are available in-game in the Option menu. Just click the Muxy GameLink button in the Gameplay section.

The Twitch Settings menu appears on the right side. Reset to default settings will turn the top 3 features off and only have the “Play as Opponent Feature” turned on.

We suggest turning all the features on. All polls will play and run automatically for viewers while they are turned on. If you want to play a section without chat vote, we suggest turning that feature off during that time period. For example, every boxing match you play with Opponent Tactics/Items Poll turned on will effectively be you playing against Twitch chat.

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