Muxy Indie Developer Program

Now any indie developer can build on the Muxy platform and receive the same tools and tech as our AAA partners, for free.*

Are you interested in making your game more attractive to broadcasters on Twitch?

Implementing interactivity with Muxy’s Platform is a proven way to achieve this goal. Add help or hinder interactions, decorative, matchmaking, and more using our SDK.

Organic Marketing

Increase viewership, hours watched on Twitch, streamers playing, and more with a Muxy Twitch extension.

More Players

With greater viewer engagement comes greater viewer to player conversion.

Smart Analytics

Muxy gives you insight into everything from click rate, viewer interactions, and other engagement data.


And there are even more benefits:*

Premium video and chat support for design and development

Free usage of Muxy’s tools for 12 months for your title after the integration is released

Blog post about your game and the development process

Promotion of your game to streamers who’ve enjoyed Muxy enabled games in the past.

Promotion on our website and Muxy’s social media at Launch

*Usage is free up to 30,000 unique monthly extension viewers after which it is $0.10/per viewer
** Benefits are subject to change over time