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Overview-All our Twitch Extensions from 2022

Check out all the Twitch Extensions we released in 2022 and learn more about how they work.

The Expeditions: Rome Tribune Extension

This ambitious extension had three separate Twitch extension interfaces.

  1. The voting interface that allowed audiences to vote on the dialogue decision the streamers made which sometimes sealed their fate or the fates of others.

  2. The Informational Interface which let viewers see what legions were available, see active and side quests, and learn more about the game. Viewers could also send care packages that assisted in battle.

  3. The combat mini map which allowed viewers to take critical combat actions like fully healing a combatant or setting the map on fire. Viewers could also name a combatant after their Twitch username.

Fan Controlled Football Season Two

FCF was nominated for a Sports Emmy this year! The extension allowed fans to vote on the play that would be executed alongside other fun votes. It also allowed opposing team fans to predict which play would be selected, had new NFT teams available, and a try-before-signup functionality to get more people in the game.

MultiVersus Open Beta Twitch Extension

The MultiVersus Twitch extension for the Open Beta launched with several key features. Viewers are able to view all the roster of fighters and learn more about them; learn about the game; see details of the players in the match like game stats, and play against the streamer by linking their Twitch and WB accounts.

MultiVersus EVO 2022 Extension Update

For EVO 2022, we added bracket-link functionality and the ability to view tournament rules. Given how on-the-go live tournaments can be, we also made most of the extension features mobile-friendly.

Play! Pokémon Extension Update for Worlds 2022

For Pokémon Worlds 2022 , the Play! Pokémon Twitch extension saw a visual update for the London show. We also added links to various tournament brackets and a live channel map letting viewers know which Twitch channel was currently streaming competitions.

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