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Expeditions: Rome Tribune Extension - What's in it, How to Install, and How to Configure

Updated: Jul 19, 2022


What Is the Expeditions: Rome Tribune Extension

We've worked with THQNordic and Logic Artists to create the Expeditions: Rome Tribune extension for the new turn-based RPG Expeditions: Rome. The extension is one of the most deeply-integrated Twitch extensions out there. Get more involved with your audience as you plead to them for help or petition them not to harm your allies. You can grab the game here.

Get the extension here and check below for more info.

Check out some of the Twitch extension capabilities.

Dialogue Voting

Let your audience vote on dialogue choices in-game! Chat can choose mercy, diplomacy, or brute force and guide the course of the game. Voting has multiple configuration options to suit your needs.

Combat Control

With the Status Effects options enabled, your audience has more control over your fights than ever before. Status, name, and environmental effects change your battle strategy from moment to moment.

Available Combat Controls:

Re-targeting: Selecting an enemy unit will allow the viewer to select a different friendly target to attack. This is always free to viewers with the most popular re-target being performed.

Renaming: rename an enemy unit to your TwitchID. A purple banner with your name will appear above the enemy on the game map.

Full heal or knocked down: these are the most powerful combat actions here. Full heal will completely heal any unit on the map.

Other status effects:

Rallied: Grant anyone on the battlefield an extra 25% damage.

Savage: Make anyone’s next strike a Critical Hit!

Weakened: Make anyone on the map deal 50% less damage.

Disarm: Oops, sorry! No more weapons for you.

Fires: Viewers can set any passable tile on the map on fire. As many tiles as they want, just tossing matches everywhere.

Care Packages and More!

The dock in the lower-right of the extension shows quests, party roster, and care packages. The Quest section shows main, side, and completed quests along with the details and objectives for each. The Party Roster shows all the available characters in your party; when in combat, the selected party are highlighted in blue. Care Packages allow you to send items to help boost your play in the overall game. The benefit of each care package is random and cannot be selected by you or your viewers.

How Do I Install the Extension?

1. Find and Install the extension on twitch

  • Navigate to your Creator Dashboard on Twitch by clicking your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner and clicking ‘Creator Dashboard’.

  • Click ‘Extensions’ on the left side of the window. Use the search box to look up ‘Expeditions: Rome Tribune’.

  • Find the correct extension, with the Rome helmet logo, and click ‘Install’.

2. Get your custom PIN

  • Navigate to your Creator Dashboard and click ‘Extensions’ on the left side bar. Navigate to ‘My Extensions’ at the top of your window and you will find all the extensions you have installed and activated.

  • Find the Expeditions: Rome Tribune extension under the ‘Installed’ column and click the cog wheel in the lower right-hand corner. A new window will come up and show you the configuration options for the extension.

  • At the top of the configuration, you will see a number of asterisks, this is your custom PIN (do not show it uncovered on your stream). Use the copy button just to the right of the PIN to copy it. Start up your Expeditions: Rome game if it is not already running.

3. Link the Extension and the Game

  • From the main menu of the game, click the ‘Options’ button. At the top of the menu you will see a button for ‘Twitch’.

  • Click the “Link to Twitch” button and paste your PIN in the box provided, then click ‘Confirm’. It should say ‘Authenticated’ at the top of the menu and you’re good to go!

4. Set the Extension as your Overlay

  • Go to your Creator Dashboard on Twitch and navigate to the Extensions menu. Click ‘My Extensions’ and find the Expeditions: Rome Tribune extension.

  • Click ‘Activate’ and select ‘Set as Overlay 1’. You may be asked to replace an extension in Overlay 1 if you already have one activated there. Click ‘Replace’ to activate the Expeditions: Rome Tribune extension instead and then click ‘Done’. The extension will only appear on your stream when your stream is set to the Expeditions: Rome category.

How Do I Configure the Extension?

There are two places to configure the extension: in the Twitch Configuration for the extension; and in-game under Options>Twitch. The Twitch Configuration helps you configure denarii amounts and ways your audience can earn free denarii. The in-game Options allow you to turn different audience abilities on or off adjusting how the extension works and displays.

What is denarii and how should I set denarii prices?

Denarii is an in-extension currency used to perform non-free actions in the extension. Viewers can get denarii in three ways: when they join your stream, passively by continuing to watch the stream, and in exchange for bits. The denarii they earn and acquire exists in your channel.

Viewers can purchase numerous actions with Denari during your Expeditions: Rome streams. This can get incredibly chaotic (and fun!) during your streams and create great audience moments. But it’s not always the right time to have chat light the entire battlefield on fire. Luckily, you can change the Denari cost of actions easily at any time from the Twitch Creator Dashboard. Any costs you change will automatically update live to the extension, meaning your viewers will immediately see the changes you’ve made.

What can I configure in the Twitch Configuration?

Navigate to the Extensions section of your Creator Dashboard and click ‘My Extensions’. Find the Expeditions: Rome Tribune extension and click the cog wheel to open an Extension Configuration window. Here you can select from the following categories: Renaming, AI Targeting, Dialogue Voting, Status Effects, and Care Packages..

  • Enemy Renaming: You can turn enemy renaming on or off and set a Denari amount to decide how much a viewer would need to pay to rename an NPC.

  • Status Effects: Here you can set the denarii cost for each status effect a viewer can use. Some are more powerful, such as full heal or knocked down, so you’ll want to set those costs higher.

  • Care Packages: Here you can set the amount of Denari a viewer must spend to send you a particular package. The benefit of each care package (amount of food sent, medicine given, etc.) is random and cannot be selected by you or your viewers.

  • Passive Denarii: There are two ways your viewers can get denarii: when they join your stream and for the amount of time they spend on your stream. Here you can toggle off or on the ability to give viewers denarii when they join (101 denarii, locked) and the ability to passively earn denarii (20 denarii every 10 minutes). Denarii is the currency your viewers can use to manipulate gameplay in the extension.

You can update the denarii amounts at any point in gameplay and an alert will be shown to your viewers along with the updated denarii amounts.

What can I configure in-game?

In-game, we set up more discrete controls for game actions while the extension configuration largely handles denarii. You can change these settings at any time during your gameplay by navigating to the options menu in-game.

What do the configuration settings in-game do?

Dialogue Voting:

  • Polls start automatically will automatically trigger a chat vote in-game. When this is toggled off, you can manually select to start a vote.

  • Enforce Winning Poll Choice: You have the option to have the game automatically select chat’s choice for you or you can toggle off this setting and choose to take chat’s choice or not.

  • Duration: This is the length of time that your poll runs for. You can also choose to end a poll whenever you want.

Care Packages: You can toggle off or on each of the different options for care packages (food and water,medicine, denarii, legion reinforcements)

Combat Actions: Here you can set the combat actions off or on. Combat actions are all or nothing; either you have them turned on or off. Combat actions include: full heal, knock down, rename. re-target, savage, rallied, weakened, and disarm.

Notification Sounds: get notified when people send you care packages in-game.

Extension Updates from v1.0.1 (beta) to v1.0.3


  • Users can now initiate combat actions by selecting a unit on the mini-map; the ability to initiate actions from the action bar remains.

  • Unit info frame that is displayed when selecting a target on the mini-map now a list displays active skills for the selected unit.

  • Renamed units will now also display their updated names on the mini-map as well as in-game.

  • Renamed units can not renamed again until the next encounter.

  • Renamed units will no longer keep their new name on unit death.

  • Added tooltip info and modified unit icons for incapacitated units on the mini-map.

  • Added icons for tiles that are on fire.

  • Action specific styled cursors added for combat bar action application.

  • Combat log now displays user combat actions taken with the Twitch username of the user that performed it.

  • Added notification for when combat action denarii values are updated.


  • New users will be granted 100 Denarii when they share their Twitch ID with the extension providing that the streamer has enabled this feature in the Twitch configuration.

  • Users that have shared their Twitch ID will now receive a small amount Denarii at regular intervals for watching the stream providing that the streamer has enabled this feature in the Twitch configuration.

  • Added Denarii configuration settings on Twitch.

  • Added indicators when users receive awarded Denarii.

  • Denarii panel now displays a list of user’s Denarii balances on all channels where they have Denarii.


  • Dialogue vote UI updated to make the voting more prominent (new animation, call to action and slight dimming the surrounding area).

  • Improved display of options text, accommodating more characters.


  • Quest log is now available. Users can see quest descriptions and objectives.

  • Party roster updated to differentiate active encounter party members visually from the rest of the listed roster.

  • Care Packages have been updated with new descriptions of their in-game effects.

  • A new care package has been added, users can now send reinforcements to Legio Afrorum once that legion has been unlocked in game.

  • Care packages are no longer purchasable during combat.

  • Broadcasters can now set the Denarii value of combat actions and care packages to zero.

  • Broadcaster extension configuration has been streamlined on the configuration page.

  • Reduced opacity of extension to make it less prominent when user isn’t interacting with it.

  • Miscellaneous performance and behavior fixes and updates.

If you have any other questions, you may find the answers in the FAQ.

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