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Get a Sneak Preview of the upcoming Expeditions: Rome Tribune beta extension!

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Join us this weekend for the Streamer Demo weekend of Expeditions: Rome Tribune beta extension. Check out game-altering stream features to create massive community engagement!

The Details

The Expeditions: Rome Streamer Demo weekend starts Friday, December 17, 10am PST and goes through Monday 20, 10AM PST. Watch streamers like BurkeBlack and DeejayKnight stream the game. They'll be playing through the Greece campaign with the Expeditions: Rome Tribune extension active the entire time. We've added some ambitious game-changing features to this extension for you to try.

Tell me about Expeditions: Rome

In the new strategy/RPG for THQ Nordic and Logic Artists, you exert the will of Rome through your actions across the world stage - from the bright blue coasts of Greece, to the deep forests of Gaul. Playing Expeditions: Rome, streamers aspire to shape the future of Rome. With the Expeditions: Rome extension, their viewers help create and guide that path.

What’s in the Expeditions: Rome Tribune beta Extension?

There are three main interfaces: dialogue voting, worldmap details and boosts, and Combat Control.

Dialogue Voting

Stream audiences can vote on your dialogue choices influencing your diplomatic, romantic, and other outcomes. You can choose to accept their choices or just let the audience take the reins.

Worldmap Details and Boosts

Encourage your audience to help you out by sending out Care Packages! Ask them to send you denarii, food, medicine, or reinforcements to get you to your destination. You can also view your Party Roster, Game Details, and (coming soon) Quest Log.

And the Big One: Combat Control

Viewers gain command over a slew of combat features that can bolster your team or thrust enemies at a wounded party member.

Viewers can:

Rename Enemy AI to their Twitch username. creating meaningful shout out moments

Vote to re-target Enemy AI: Viewers can vote to make enemy AI attack different members of your party. Audiences can have the enemies attack a bolstered friendly or barrage a weakened ally.

Apply Status Effects: Viewers can apply an array of status effects, ranging in intent between positive, neutral, negative.

Status effects include:

  • Fire: Viewers can set any passable tile on the map on fire. As many tiles as they want, just tossing matches everywhere.

  • Full Heal: Viewers can fully heal any friendly unit on the battlefield. And you should encourage them to do that if you need it!

  • Rallied: Grant anyone on the battlefield an extra 25% damage.

  • Savage: Make anyone’s next strike a Critical Hit!

  • Weakened: Make anyone on the map deal 50% less damage.

  • Disarm: Oops, sorry! No more weapons for you.

  • Knock Down: Incapacitates a unit. They can’t attack, be attacked, or have another status change for the next turn. Just take ‘em off the battlefield for a minute.

  • Coming Soon-Skill Recharge: Get all your skill chargers for a friendly unit refilled, awarding that unit the ability to rain down higher damage attacks again.

Expeditions: Rome and the Expeditions: Rome beta extension will be released January 20th, 2022. Pre-purchase the game or grab the demo here.

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