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Five Reasons you need to care about Twitch Extensions

Twitch Extensions first launched in late 2017 as a way to “change the landscape of live video” and we at Muxy have been creating extensions ever since. We’ve learned a great deal since then about what it takes to create a successful extension and witnessed as the space has continued to grow and morph.

The simplest way to explain Twitch Extensions is to admit that they are basically websites that can:

1) overlay the live video player or;

2) be a panel on the About Page on Twitch desktop or in the chat on mobile.

While a Twitch Extension is a website, it is by no means just a static webpage. They can be just as powerful as apps on your phone. Extensions allow you to create exciting interactive experiences inside Twitch’s Garden.

The Twitch Extension you create can provide a major lift for your game, event, and brand on Twitch. Here are the top reasons you need to care about Twitch Extensions for your activation.

1. Explain your game or event.

A Twitch Extension allows you to queue your audience up for what to expect from your game or event. It can give important context about how game systems work, provide player/team statistics, or the schedule for your event. With a better understanding of what is happening, audiences will watch for longer and have a higher chance of engagement.

2. Allow further monetization for broadcasters.

Broadcasters can use a Twitch Extension to make additional revenue during streams of your game. Currently, their primary monetization is via donations, subscriptions, and ads which are limited and can detract from audience interaction. Additional Twitch Bits revenue that comes via a game-matched Twitch Extension makes your game more attractive to broadcasters simply because they make more $. This increases the likelihood of a longer life cycle on Twitch with more organic streamers finding your game.

3. Viewers become players.

Using Muxy to make your Twitch Extension allows viewers to interact with their favorite Twitch influencers directly through your game. The type of game integration you create depends on the type of viewer/streamer engagement you want to create. You can create positive helpful interactions that encourage streamer shout outs for a boost like additional ammo. Or let viewers troll the broadcaster by decreasing their speed during an enemy wave. This direct engagement helps viewers learn more with and more deeply engage with your game rather than passively viewing a Twitch stream.

4. Direct viewers to your message.

When you create a live stream or hire streamers to play your game, you are at the mercy of the content that the streamers are creating. A Muxy powered Twitch Extension allows you to directly show viewers how to engage with your game. You can use it as a marketing tool to promote why your game is cool or to make the gameplay more fun and engaging for audiences and streamers.

And most importantly our next reason.

5. Promote sales of your game.

A Twitch Extension can be used to direct viewers to your pre-orders, special promotions, and sales of your game. This exists directly in the Twitch Extension and is tracked, giving you metrics on your Twitch campaigns outside of basics like overall viewers. With Muxy, we can help you know which streamers are directing the most sales of your game. This provides you with the data to understand your ROI from Twitch marketing efforts.

With Muxy’s other tools designed to help make an extension quickly there is more reason than ever to ensure your game or event has an extension on Twitch.

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