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How a Muxy-Enhanced Twitch Extension Helps your Live Stream

There are a few key ways to increase your viewership on Twitch: unique content, viewer interactions, talking to chat, playing with viewers, and rewarding viewers. Muxy’s Twitch extensions facilitate and even enhance these tips to get more viewers on your Twitch stream.

Community Engagement

Muxy extensions amplify your community engagement by allowing you to directly engage with your viewers in-game. Instead of passively engaging with chat, Muxy extensions let chat control your game. Not only can chat help or hinder your game, they can also: name in-game characters; vote to influence dialogue or character choices; and play with you in custom lobbies. Muxy also frequently has Twitch Drops enabled when newer games launch to reward viewers for joining your stream community.

Now chat is setting you on fire, voting to kill someone off, or naming themselves the enemy unit you’re about to destroy. Or you can play 1v1 matches with them in a brawl match! Streamers using Muxy extensions have seen 4x peak viewers and over 250% higher average viewership.

Watch this trailer from the THQ Nordic game Expeditions: Rome of streamers reacting to chat taking control of their game.

Unique Content

With the type of Twitch engagement Muxy provides, there are endless clippable and shareable moments. Sure, you can share your content that’s clipped and viewers may share clips they think are fun already. But how much more likely are viewers to share content across their social channels if they have a direct callout or they’re playing against you? Much more! And that increases your name recognition and people who may be curious about your stream and pop in.

Make More Money

With Muxy Twitch extensions, your audience can use bits to trigger in-game interactions. Some extensions have set prices for interactions like the Back 4 Blood extension that has renaming a Ridden set at 100 Bits. Others, like the Expeditions: Rome Twitch extension, allow you flexibility on Bits pricing. That means if someone is spamming an interaction that hurts your game play, you can ramp up the Bits amount to 5,000 and quiet it down. If you want to see more engagement, drop the Bits amount and let chat loose chaos on you. We’ve seen a 240% increase in broadcaster Bits revenue when a Muxy extension with Bits is enabled.

Want to get started now? Check out these guides to some of our extensions.

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