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How Should you set the Bits Amount in a Muxy Extension?

So you’ve set up a Muxy Twitch extension that has flexible bits amounts and, if you’re here, you may be wondering what the best amount is for your stream. There are a couple of key factors that you should consider when setting Bits amounts to keep your audience happy and your gameplay manageable (unless you want complete chaos): the type of interaction and the nature of your audience. We’ll also talk about a couple of ways to get more audience engagement via the extension in this post.

Bits Amount by Type of Interaction

Decorative Interactions

For decorative interactions, like renaming in-game characters or placing stickers) set a price that your audience is comfortable with and not too high. 10-25 Bits is a great price range for this type of interaction, especially for smaller to mid-size streamers. It’ll get a high level of audience engagement and the opportunity to shout out specific members of your chat! A lower amount here is great because it creates a lively in-game environment for you and your audience without affecting any of your gaming experience.

Help or Hinder Interactions

For the help or hinder interactions, you’ll want to be a bit more flexible and it may even be useful to keep the Bits configuration menu easily accessible so you can change it on the fly. Higher impact help or hinder interactions should be priced higher than lower impact Bits interactions. For example, Full Heal is incredibly powerful, so unless you want the easiest gameplay experience possible, it’s best to make the Bits amount for that higher than 100 Bits (or more if you’re a larger streamer). But lower impact interactions, such as a minor weapon buff or debuff, can be around 50-200 Bits depending on your audience size.

If you find your chat spamming an interaction that’s temporarily affecting your gameplay, we recommend increasing the Bits amount temporarily to a prohibitive price, so chat stops using it. At least while you’re trying to get through a tough fight! We saw this occur with the Expeditions: Rome extension on a Hinder feature: chat could set fires to the map and they did so with reckless abandon. If the fire spamming got disruptive, it was advisable for streamers to increase the Bits amount to something high enough that most of their audience wouldn’t bother using the feature, then reset the Bits amount once the rough patch was done. That Bits Amount flexibility gives the streamer control over how much their audience engages.

In-Game Bits Interactions Help Streamers Earn More

Overall, having a Bits-enabled Twitch extension helps you get higher community engagement while earning more from streams! Audiences get to play the game alongside you in a shared experience. However, it’s important that your audience knows that the extension is there for them to engage with you. We recommend calling out the extension periodically and making note of when the audience uses the extension features. Describing where on the screen the extension exists, prompting viewers to share their Twitch ID, and describing where they can access different features and when is vital to everyone having a great gaming experience. When an extension launches, check out our FAQs for a guide to the features, how to use them, and how to get the most out of them. :)

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