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How to Create a Poll in Muxy Gateway

Muxy Gateway allows you to create in-game polls for viewers to participate in. Whatever Twitch chat votes on will determine what happens next in the streamers game. Whatever Twitch chat votes on will determine what happens next in the streamers game. You don’t want to set up too many votes otherwise it may disrupt a streamer’s gameplay. Instead, it’s best to set them up for key, interesting game moments. This makes it exciting for the streamer (their stream isn’t spammed) and the viewers (their vote means more in the context of the streamer’s game). Viewers can vote on narrative/dialogue control; rewards and challenges; AI-Opponent control; loadouts and controls; and more! Check out our blog here on when and why to create viewer polls with Muxy and our best practices guide.

A vote flow should look like this for viewers when completed:

We have two types of voting in Muxy Gateway: single vote and chaos voting.

We define them as:

Single vote: each audience member gets one vote. This allows an audience member to vote once on their preferred poll option with the plurality vote winning.

Chaos Voting: allows each member to vote as many times as they can within the allotted voting time. This allows voters to spam as many votes as possible and distribute their votes within multiple poll options.

To create a poll you need to define:

Poll Duration: This is how long your poll displays to audiences. We suggest at least 30 seconds to give viewers adequate time to respond, but it depends on the pacing of the game. You may find that a faster vote keeps the pace in high-speed games better.

Poll Prompt: This is the question displayed to viewers that they are voting on.

Poll Options: These are the options that viewers can vote on.

Poll Type: Chaos or Single Vote

There are some limitations to setting up a vote in Muxy Gateway to ensure that your poll looks great and is easy for viewers to use.

  • Poll Question - Displayed at the top of the poll vote

  • Character limit

  • 128 characters

  • Poll Options - List displayed below the question

  • Max number of options

  • 10 options

  • Character limit for each option

  • 128 characters

Polling works by:

1. Creating a PollConfiguration and

2. Setting the relevant fields with your desired config.

3. Then we set up a callback on the PollConfigurations OnPollUpdate for whenever we receive updates to our poll.

void StartPoll()
    PollConfiguration Config = new();
    Config.DurationInSeconds = 30;
    Config.Prompt = "Which map should I play next";
    Config.Options.Add("Fire and Ice");
    Config.Options.Add("The Dunes");
    Config.Options.Add("Enchanted Dunes");
    Config.Mode = PollMode.Order; // PollMode.Chaos would allow everyone to vote as many times as they want
    Config.OnPollUpdate = (Update) =>
        if (Update.IsFinal)
            if (Update.Winner == 0)      LoadIceCave();
            else if (Update.Winner == 1) LoadDesert();
            else if (Update.Winner == 2) LoadJungle();


This is the result you should see in the extension when calling StartPoll.

Viewers can click this popup to vote in the poll. In general, here are the best practices you should follow when setting up a vote with Muxy Gateway:

  1. Keep the Number of Options Low: This gives viewers time to see the vote happening and read replies.

  2. Keep Voting Top-Level and Impactful: This makes the vote interactions more meaningful for both streamers and audiences.

And that’s it! Creating polling with Muxy Gateway is simple. You'll also want to create in-game UI that lets the streamer know what the Viewers are voting on, so they can react.

Haven't signed up for Muxy Gateway? You can sign up here.

Check out our Docs for implementing all of Muxy Gateway here:

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