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The Pokémon Overlay Extension has New Features and a Fresh New Look

We’ve updated the Pokémon Twitch extension with some new features to make watching live tournaments and TCG games more fun and engaging. You’ll find improved navigation and functionality with some experiences using the extension smoother. There are also updates to the live tournament experience, giving you more insight into brackets and Pokémon TCG games while you’re watching them on Twitch.

Where are the Extension changes?

We’ve Updated: the look and feel, news, live channels, and brackets.

We’ve Added: TCG Card Reader, TCG Card History

Viewing card details of a Pokémon TCG card.

Card Reader

Every Pokémon TCG card looks cool, but they’re not all easy to read, especially on a live stream. Our Card Reader tool allows you to hover over a card and see most details in an easy-to-read format.

Card History

Track what’s happening in a live Pokémon TCG match by viewing the Card History. Not only can you see the card name and details, hovering over the row will show you the played card. When new cards have been played, you’ll see an indicator letting you know there are new cards to view.

Live Channels

Here you can see all the currently live channels and what they’re streaming. You can also see inactive channels in the Pokémon streaming network.


We’ve improved the live brackets experience and made it more robust. When a tournament is live, you can click off-site to see the current state of the tournament brackets. When the tournament hits the Top 8, we’ll display the brackets and progress live in the extension!

Viewing current Pokémon News in the Pokémon Overlay Extension.


We’ve updated the News appearance to simplify the display.

Look and Feel

We’ve updated the look and feel of the extension to be compatible for all Pokémon events. In addition, we’ve updated the navigation to be much more user-friendly and intuitive for our viewers. To make the viewing experience better, we flipped the layout of the extension to be more horizontal than vertical so that it now will accommodate all screen sizes. Similarly, only the most relevant content will display - for example, if you’re watching a replay stream, only news and live channels will display. Similarly, when TCG content is live, the card reader and history will work and when a tournament is live, you’ll be able to see brackets.

We’re looking forward to improving this extension and adding even more great features in the future!

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