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The fastest way to make your game “Twitch friendly”

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Create A Twitch Extension for your Game Fast

Gateway is the smartest way to enhance your game with Twitch viewer interactivity. The Gateway extension lets viewers manipulate gameplay, see live stats, vote on key game decisions, and more.

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How Does Muxy Gateway Work?


Developers drop the Muxy Gateway SDK into their new or existing Unity, Unreal, or C++ game


Developers choose which game mechanics they want viewers to influence or impact.


These gameplay-impacting actions are presented to stream viewers via our premade extension overlay.

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Muxy Gateway Twitch extension in Renfield Bring Your Own Blood

Check Out Gateway’s First Game

Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood is a single-player game that combines the simplicity of one-touch gameplay with frenetic, room-based action for a new roguelite experience.

Features in Gateway: 

  • Spawn an Elite Enemy with the Viewer’s Name on It

  • Spawning bugs that can help the player 

  • See key details like: level name, character name, talents

What Else Do I Need to Do?

Not Much!! Muxy Gateway provides:

A full extension frontend for viewers to engage with streamers

A backend infrastructure built to handle Twitch’s unique and intense traffic spikes

A complete system to integrate Twitch Bits

Have More Questions?

Check out our Docs and Join Our Support Discord Now!

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