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How Muxy's Analytics and Insights Reveal the Success of Your Twitch Campaigns

You've reached out to influencers, set up Twitch Drops, and launched your marketing campaign for you game. Now that it's all over, how do you decipher the effectiveness of your campaign. Muxy can't help you with your traditional advertising campaigns like print or streamed ads (yet), but we can give you deep insights into the effectiveness of your Twitch campaigns. There are three main insights Muxy's data can help you uncover:

  1. Understanding the Viewer to Player

  2. See Which Twitch Channels Were Most Effective

  3. Increasing the Reach of your Game with Lower Marketing Spend Let's take a deeper look at how this works.

Understand Conversions from Stream Viewers to Paying Players

Muxy's data insights can help you see usage patterns that are valuable to future planning. A Muxy Twitch extension gathers data on both streamer and viewer behavior, so you can put a number on earned media impressions, and understand the reach and scope of organic marketing for your project. This data can also help you see when interest for your game, especially a GaaS title, starts to wane, so you can plan marketing beats to reactivate dormant players.

Muxy enables you to effectively budget and maximize your ROI.

Twitch Channel Performance Insights

Streamers and their agents are incentivized to boast about

how well their viewers will work for your game. But, it’s

unknown which streamer will be the best ambassador for you.

Understanding which streamers have audiences that are right

for your game is critical.

Muxy Tells You Which Streamers Are Effective.

  • Understand who is successfully promoting your game to their audience.

  • Know the ROI of your paid impression from content creators.

  • Discover which streamers you should reach out to in the future by tracking earned impressions.

Increase Impressions While Lowering Influencer Marketing Spend

Muxy-enhanced Twitch extensions provide value to streamers, so they use them. Rather than just shout outs and chatting, viewers can directly interact with the streamer’s gameplay. Because streamers using Muxy have increased engagement

and earn more, they stream for longer.

Here’s some data comparing a Muxy-enhanced game with similar titles:

Each one of these data points are important, but together they can really help you dig in to if your campaign worked and which elements were most effective. This enables you to present deeply validated insights to plan your future campaigns.

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