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What is Gateway and Why Do I Want to Use It?

Gateway is the fastest way to create a “Twitch friendly” game. Developers drop the Muxy Gateway SDK into their Unity, Unreal, or C++ game and choose which game mechanics they want viewers to influence or play with. These gameplay-impacting actions are presented to stream viewers via our premade extension overlay. You don’t even need to worry about reliability or breaking, Muxy has built infrastructure to handle Twitch’s unique and intense traffic spikes. With Gateway, Muxy seeks to make the Game Developer experience as quick and painless as possible.

Gateway makes it easy to integrate features into your game that can be interacted with by viewers on Twitch. The Gateway extension lets viewers manipulate gameplay, see live stats, vote on key game decisions, and more. One of the hardest parts of making live interaction work is building a front-end extension for the viewers to use, and as a game developer you may not have the resources or knowledge to do so. Gateway handles the front-end extension for you, so all you need to do is integrate the easy-to-use Gateway library into your game and you'll be ready to go!

Feature Overview


Actions trigger events to occur in-game that show up or impact a streamer’s gameplay. There are three types of Actions: Help, Hinder, and Neutral. Actions are ranked by Gameplay Impact on a scale of 0 to 5. Some examples of actions are: spawning a fire, healing a character, adding more enemies, or renaming an enemy to a viewer's Twitch username.


Polls allow the audience to vote on different options to trigger events in-game. Create polls based on dialogue, loadouts, character choice, and more. For example, viewers can vote on what type of magic the streamer's in-game character prefers.

Game Info

Game Info is simply label/value pairs of text with an icon. They are useful for displaying information about what is happening in-game and to educate viewers on key aspects of your game.


The History tab displays all of the activity taking place via the extension! See what actions have been taken, which Twitch viewer has taken them, and viewer vote results.


Bits are similar to actions, but you don't get the same fine grain control. Elements like enabling/disabling, inventory counts, and other options aren't configurable with bits. The Gateway extension uses Coins instead of Bits, you can learn more here.

karlaplan is just the example name for the coins. Streamers can name coins whatever they want!

Want to Add Muxy Gateway to your game?

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