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Muxy’s Gateway makes Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood game more engaging for Twitch streamers

Muxy's new Twitch extension Gateway lets viewers manipulate gameplay, see live stats, vote on key game decisions, and more. One of the first game developers to leverage Gateway is Mega Cat Studios, for the 1.0 release of Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood, adding live stream interactivity to the game experience. Muxy, the interactivity platform for live streaming, has brought their years of experience working with AAA publishers and developers into building this out-of-the-box Twitch extension.

Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood is a single-player game that combines the simplicity of one-touch gameplay with frenetic, room-based action for a new roguelite experience with unique stages, dozens of enemies, diabolical bosses and enough weapons for a bug-powered bloody rampage. With the Gateway extension, players have the ability to name and spawn enemies, put in bugs with special powers, drop resources with money and power ups, and more!

This integration of Gateway shows how game developers can quickly create interactive and innovative features that make their games not just “Twitch-friendly”, but “Twitch-enhanced”. Get the Gateway extension to stream Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood here and learn how to install and configure the extension here.

Check Out Some Screenshots of the Extension

Gateway is the smartest way to enhance your game with Twitch viewer interactivity and it can be integrated in hours. Muxy provides an SDK that quickly goes into your game and utilizes the Gateway Twitch Extension. Developers choose which game mechanics they want viewers to influence or play with. These gameplay-impacting actions are presented to stream viewers via Muxy’s premade extension overlay. You don’t even need to create a backend, Muxy provides a backend infrastructure built to handle Twitch’s unique and intense traffic spikes. If you want to integrate Gateway into your game, you can sign up here.

“We’re thrilled to be incorporating Gateway with the full launch of the Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood game. The features at this stage are just a taste of what our team will be adding in the future. We can’t wait to see how streamers and viewers react to what we’ve built and are excited to hear creative requests for new Gateway features. The ease of implementing Gateway, allows game developers to add viewer interactions in minutes and easily adjust them on the fly. With any game launch, resources are scarce and the timeline moves fast; speed of development is crucial. To that end, I’m proud to say that Gateway was integrated into Renfield in just one day.” - Peter Bonnani; CEO

Check Out Our Resources for Gateway:

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