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Muxy’s 2023 Recap: Twitch extensions we built and more!

Updated: Jan 5

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We had an exciting 2023 at Muxy: we launched two new products, released some new Twitch Extensions, created innovative card reader tech, launched a new website, and went to a bunch of shows. Let’s take a look at 2023 as we step into 2024!

What We Launched:

Gateway: the easiest way to have a Twitch Extension for your game

Muxy launched Gateway alongside the release of “Renfield: Bring your Own Blood” by Mega Cat Studios/Skybound Entertainment. The Gateway Extension allows viewers to take actions to help, hinder, or visually-alter a streamer’s gameplay. Twitch viewers can also vote to impact the gameplay: selecting level ups, choosing dialogue, and more. Live game play info, like current level and equipment, gives new viewers joining a Twitch stream context for what’s happening in-stream. All of this can be implemented for a game as quickly as one afternoon. Book a demo here.

Muxy Drops: the fast track to adding Twitch Drops to your game

We successfully released Muxy Drops as part of a marketing campaign for the game From Space by Triangle Studios/Curve Games. Throughout the duration of the From Space drops campaign, there was an average of 2,200 new unique viewers per day with continued interest in the game post-campaign. Muxy Drops is a tool that helps games easily use Twitch Drops. Twitch Drops are effective but can be complex to set up, requiring knowledge of Twitch's services.

The Pokémon Overlay Extension Update

We made massive updates to the Pokémon Overlay Extension to make it more intuitive and added some big features. We simplified the news, live channels, and brackets interface; the brackets now display the Top 8 brackets in the Extension without having to leave Twitch.

The new features are incredibly exciting: 

  • The Card History shows a history of all the cards played in a match with key details to identify them. Hovering over the card’s row will show an image of the card art.

  • The Card Reader presents the featured card’s details in an easy-to-read format, so viewers get better insight into Pokémon TCG matches.

Pokémon Panel Extension

We created a self-serve interface that allowed The Pokémon Company team to create and release giveaways on Twitch to coincide with events and tournaments. This evergreen panel Extension lets them: add codes and track codes, see code metrics on giveaways overall and by day, create giveaways and customize art and copy, control the dates of the release day, and more. Muxy removed all the friction involved in releasing giveaways for Twitch and helped reward the existing and new Twitch Pokémon community.

Mega Cat Studios Launched the WCBM2 Extension

Using Muxy’s Forge platform,  World Championship Boxing Manager 2 by Mega Cat Studios/Ziggurat, launched the Boxing Manager 2 - Ring Master Twitch Extension. Stream audiences can control opponent tactics and items at the end of every round to keep those fights spicy. Extension polling lets audiences deeply impact game play by granting boons or causing boxers to stay out late partying.

We Saw You Out at Events

Muxy was on each coast of the United States from San Francisco, CA to Orlando, FL.

Our team showed up at:

D.I.C.E, GDC, GCX, and TwitchCon.

We hosted mixers at: D.I.C.E. and GDC

We’ll see you next at: CES 2024

And that’s a wrap! We’re looking forward to another exciting year of making incredible Twitch interactivity for everyone.

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