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We Just Announced our Next Product!

Soon you'll be able to build a Twitch extension in hours and we're excited to share more soon.

We're excited to announce we have a new upcoming product. Muxy is working on a new product that makes creating Twitch extensions for games as painless as possible. This unnamed project provides the frontend and backend for the extension. Developers only need to integrate with their game code and release the update, while Muxy provides the rest. These aren’t just ordinary Twitch extensions, they let viewers directly impact a streamer’s gameplay.

Muxy’s exciting, new product gives you access to all the technology it has built over the years and showcased in Twitch extensions for games like Multiversus and Expeditions: Rome Tribune. Now it’s easier than ever to add audience interactivity to get Twitch viewers directly into your game. Muxy’s extension technology provides a better experience for streamers and viewers alike, providing more organic adoption of your game. All of this is hosted on the Muxy platform, battle-tested to up to 2 million concurrent users, ensuring your experience will be seamless. This unnamed project is launching later this spring, you can sign up here for updates.

“By focusing on tools that game developers are already familiar with, we are able to provide the proven stability and power of Muxy accessed directly from within their game. Because Muxy is bringing the backend, all the amazing new features and optimizations we add are instantly available to existing developers.” - Cameron Rivers, CTO

Excited to share more about this soon!

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