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What are Muxy Drops and How Do They Work with Twitch Drops?

It is no secret that Twitch Drops have a positive impact on games streamed on Twitch. Drops provide an incentive for streamers to play your game, and incentive for viewers to watch your game - while also providing a pipeline for viewer to player conversion. Drops Campaigns, as they are known on Twitch, are an excellent tool to coincide with any scale of launch or marketing push on Twitch. 

The idea behind Drops and what they provide is simple and effective. Games provide in-game rewards to players who watch the game on Twitch. This can be anything from skins and cosmetic items to full blown items that affect gameplay. This means that more viewers are looking for these streams, and more streamers are chasing that increased viewership. There’s no reason to have your game do the chasing, let the gamers chase the Drops and let the streamers chase the audience.

Examples of Twitch Drops

The Difficulty of Adding Twitch Drops to Your Game

Obviously, there is a cost associated with implementing Drops into your game. Development time is at a premium and any game developer knows almost anything can end up as cut content. While they have massive potential to enhance your game’s Twitch viewing experience, there is always the difficulty of Twitch’s own system to contend with.

Additionally, Drops are commonly associated with live service games, and multiplayer games. This is because these games have player account systems which can be integrated with Twitch’s system. Indie games and single player games often lack these enabling systems entirely. This is where Muxy Drops comes in.

Introducing Muxy Drops

To bridge this gap we introduce Muxy Drops. Muxy Drops is a groundbreaking solution tailored to empower any game, with or without player account systems, so they can harness the benefits of Twitch Drops. Whether for a launch, a marketing push for a new patch, or simply to give your players a treat - Muxy Drops will allow anyone to utilize this feature. 

Serving as an intermediary service, Muxy Drops seamlessly facilitates the utilization of Twitch Drops for any game.

Rather than building out your own account system, Muxy Drops simplifies the process via an Authentication system. Viewers receive their authentication PIN in a webpage customized to your game which they can then redeem in-game. In effect, this allows a developer to quickly bypass the step of implementing complicated connections between player accounts and viewed streams. Muxy can handle this step for you, and you can skip to giving out gifts to your fans.

Who is Muxy Drops for?

  • Games releasing without a server player account system

  • PC and console game releases

  • Any size studios, it’s a simple integration and test process

  • Games at launch

  • Existing games with new content updates or DLCs

How the Muxy Drops Experience Looks for a Developer

Muxy will  guide you through the process and help tailor the perfect action plan for your Drops campaign needs.

To utilize Muxy Drops, you'll need:

  1. Virtual items in your game that viewers can unlock when they redeem a Drop.

  2. Integration of the Muxy SDK into your game.

  3. A text field for player input and a Twitch Authentication PIN area in your game to unlock Drop rewards.

  4. Creation of an application in the Twitch Developer Console for your organization, providing Muxy with the Client ID and Secret. Once done, Muxy will then create a customized authentication webpage for your game allowing viewers to receive their PINs.

  5. A Twitch Drops campaign - you can test the process by streaming on Twitch to earn and redeem Drops.

  6.  An updated version of your game which includes the Muxy SDK and a UI element to ingest authentication PINs.

Muxy Drops are Available Now!

Muxy Drops are a fast and affordable way to get attention from streamers on Twitch. Adding Drops to your game increases their lifetime and viewership on Twitch while giving players a reason to hop into your game. To get started, simply reach out to Muxy and discuss your Twitch Drops campaign goals. 

Contact Muxy today to get started!

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